Chronic ILLness

Chronic Illness Accelerated Benefit Rider. Allows you to receive a portion of the policy death benefit if the insured suffers from a chronic illness. The insured requires substantial supervision by another to avoid injury or harm due to severe cognitive impairment.

The Accelerated Benefit Rider for Chronic Illness is automatically included at issue for no additional premium on all applicable policies. The rider pays benefits only if/when the policyowner elects to accelerate the Death Benefit as described here and in the Rider Forms.

The Accelerated Benefit Rider – Chronic Illness (ABR-C) allows the policyowner to accelerate a portion of the Death Benefit if the base insured is chronically ill. The benefit can be used for expenses such as nursing home or home health care. (The ABR-C is not available on term products. Also, the ABR-C is not available on policies with medical flat extras or policies rated higher than Table D. The maximum issue age for the ABR-C is 80.)

In order to qualify for benefits, a physician must certify that the insured is either chronically or terminally ill. The diagnosing physician must be a licensed medical doctor or licensed doctor of osteopathy operating within the scope of the license. A physician cannot be the insured, the policyowner, or a member of their immediate family (spouse, children, siblings, parents, grandparents, or any of their spouses).

The Company may require a second opinion by a physician the Company designates. If there is disagreement between the first physician and the second physician, a third medical opinion will be provided by a physician that is chosen through a mutual agreement between the policyowner and the Company. The Company will pay for any additional medical opinions.

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